History Stories
AUTHOR: Elizabeth Nix
British Royals Have Been Scandalously Marrying Commoners Since 1464
June 15, 2017

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Tuskegee Experiment: The Infamous Syphilis Study
May 16, 2017

Known officially as the Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male, the study began at a time when there was no known treatment for the disease. Read More

Robert Hanssen: American Traitor
May 10, 2017

On May 10, 2002, former FBI agent Robert Hanssen was sentenced to life in prison for selling U.S. secrets to Moscow. Read More

A Brief History of the President’s Annual Address
February 28, 2017

Explore the history of the president's annual addresses to Congress, and the origins of the State of the Union speech. Read More

The Disaster that Deluged Florence’s Cultural Treasures
November 3, 2016

Explore what happened during the 1966 disaster when the Arno River burst its banks in the city of Florence. Read More

The World’s First Web Site
August 4, 2016

On August 6, 1991, without fanfare, British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee published the first-ever website while working at CERN, the huge particle physics lab in Switzerland. Read More

In 1916, German Terrorists Launched an Attack on American Soil
July 29, 2016

An explosion that initially looked like an accident, turned out to be an act of sabotage. Read More

The Life of Lou Gehrig
May 31, 2016

Find out more about the legendary first baseman. Read More

8 Things You Might Not Know about Mary I
February 16, 2016

Get the facts on the turbulent life of this Tudor monarch—England's first queen regnant. Read More

9 Things You Might Not Know About “Peanuts”
October 2, 2015

Get the facts about the famous comic strip Peanuts and its creator. Read More