History Stories
AUTHOR: Hadley Meares
7 Images That Changed Royal History
May 15, 2018

These striking images affected how rulers were seen—and not always for the better. Read More

How Unflattering Royal Portraits Could Break a Marriage Contract
May 10, 2018

European royals did not trust the portraits sent to them by other courts, so they commissioned their own. Read More

Six Unsung Heroines of the Civil Rights Movement
February 5, 2018

Though their stories are sometimes overlooked, these women were instrumental in the fight for equal rights for African-Americans. Read More

The Tragic Austrian Empress Who Was Murdered by Anarchists
January 4, 2018

Inside the unhappy reign of Sisi, Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary. Read More

The Delusion That Made Nobles Think Their Bodies Were Made of Glass
December 4, 2017

For centuries, people have had unusual fixations with new materials. Read More