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CATEGORY: Middle Ages
How Chivalry Died—Again and Again
February 14, 2018

Who killed it? Read More

Eight Unusual Good Luck Charms
February 8, 2018

Symbols, amulets and other talismans from around the globe. Read More

Rats Didn’t Spread the Black Death—It Was Humans
January 17, 2018

Scientists now believe the plague spread too fast for rats to be the culprits. Read More

You Too Can Live in a Knights Templar Castle
December 21, 2017

And they're not always your usual medieval money pit. Some have ghosts or rumors of hidden treasure. Read More

Why Do Humans Sleep in 8-Hour Cycles?
December 21, 2017

The advent of electricity changed the way we sleep. Read More

How Hate Groups are Hijacking Medieval Symbols While Ignoring the Facts Behind Them
December 18, 2017

For one thing, medieval Europe wasn’t all white. Read More

The Knights Templar Rulebook Included No Pointy Shoes and No Kissing Mom
December 15, 2017

Their code of conduct was designed to keep the warrior-knights humble, chaste and—most of all—obedient. Read More

Medieval Times: Top Templar-Related Moments
December 6, 2017

Holy wars. Papal proclamations. Exiles and inquisitions. It was a busy time. Read More

The Delusion That Made Nobles Think Their Bodies Were Made of Glass
December 4, 2017

For centuries, people have had unusual fixations with new materials. Read More

Map: Top Templar Sites in Western Europe
November 27, 2017

These were special spots for the Brotherhood. Read More