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How We Got National Monuments
December 5, 2017

The 111-year-old law that allowed President Trump to shrink two Native-American cultural sites. Read More

The ‘Father of Modern Gynecology’ Performed Shocking Experiments on Slaves
August 29, 2017

He was a medical trailblazer, but at what cost? Read More

Design Competition Launched for National World War I Memorial
July 2, 2015

Two weeks remain in an open competition to submit designs for the latest monument to be constructed in Washington, D.C.—the World War I Memorial. Read More

The Lincoln Memorial’s Bizarre Rejected Designs
February 12, 2015

Look back at some of the bizarre alternate designs, including an Egyptian pyramid, proposed for the Lincoln Memorial. Read More

The Hunt for Forgotten World War I Monuments
May 23, 2014

An art historian is leading a campaign to catalogue, and hopefully preserve, America’s World War I memorials. Read More

After 33 Months, Washington Monument Reopens to the Public
May 12, 2014

The Washington Monument welcomed visitors today for the first time in more than two-and-a-half years, after a painstaking restoration to repair earthquake damage. Read More

5 Things You Might Not Know About the Washington Monument
October 9, 2013

Find out some fascinating facts about this American landmark, which opened to the public 125 years ago. Read More

6 Things You May Not Know About the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
November 13, 2012

Check out six facts about this iconic testament to sacrifice and loss. Read More

FDR Memorial Opens in New York
October 19, 2012

Almost 40 years after it was first proposed, this week marked the opening of Four Freedoms Park, a new memorial honoring Franklin D. Roosevelt. Read More