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Brown v. Board of Education: The First Step in the Desegregation of America’s Schools
May 16, 2018

More than half a century later, progress has been made, but the vision of Warren’s court has not been fully realized. Read More

How Dolls Helped Win Brown v. Board of Education
March 27, 2018

Deceptively simple doll tests helped convince the Supreme Court to strike down school segregation. Read More

Why MLK Encouraged 225,000 Chicago Kids to Cut Class in 1963
March 14, 2018

'Freedom Day' didn’t succeed, but it made de facto school segregation the talk of Chicago. Read More

The Brutal History of Anti-Latino Discrimination in America
September 27, 2017

School segregation, lynchings and mass deportations of Spanish-speaking U.S. citizens are just some of the injustices Latinos have faced. Read More