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CATEGORY: Women's History
The First Birth Control Pill Used Puerto Rican Women as Guinea Pigs
May 9, 2018

Eugenics and unethical clinical trials are part of the pill’s legacy. Read More

How a Black Spy Infiltrated the Confederate White House
April 23, 2018

How freed slave Mary Bowser and abolitionist Elizabeth Van Lew teamed up to spy on Confederate President Jefferson Davis and got away with it. Read More

How Anita Hill’s Confirmation Hearing Testimony Brought Workplace Sexual Harassment to Light
April 23, 2018

Few observers expected the issue of whether Clarence Thomas should serve on the U.S. Supreme Court to become a firestorm—and a national referendum on sexual harassment. Read More

Rosa Parks’ Life After the Bus Was No Easy Ride
April 18, 2018

What history misses about Rosa Parks, according to her niece. Read More

Mary Todd Lincoln Became a Laughingstock After Her Husband’s Assassination
April 13, 2018

After President Lincoln's death, the First Lady's public grieving was seen as evidence that she was an improper woman. Read More

These Women Taught Depression-Era Americans to Use Electricity
March 29, 2018

90 percent of rural homes in the U.S. didn’t have electricity in 1935. Ten years later, almost all of them did. Read More

The Complicated Pasts of 6 Trailblazing Women
March 27, 2018

Mother Teresa advocated reusing hypodermic needles for the poor in her care. Margaret Sanger promoted birth control as a way to keep 'undesirable' minorities from procreating. To understand history's lionized women, we need more nuanced portraits. Read More

Wartime Propaganda Helped Recruit the ‘Hidden Army’ of Women to Defeat Hitler
March 23, 2018

Dozens of government-funded films were created, and their impact went well beyond recruiting soldiers to the frontlines. Read More

How Ireland Turned ‘Fallen Women’ Into Slaves
March 12, 2018

Until 1996, pregnant or promiscuous women could be incarcerated for life in Magdalene Laundries. Read More

7 of the Gutsiest Women on the American Frontier
March 8, 2018

Spies and scouts, mothers and homestead keepers, women quietly made their mark on America's changing western frontier. Read More